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Learn about permit requirements and how to obtain one.

Whether looking for a location for your commercial or planning a special event, if you plan to do business or provide services at one of the facilities in the county airport system, you may need a permit. All of the information about permit requirements and how to obtain one can be found below.


Transportation NetWORK Companies

Please email us for a permit application.

Ground Transportation Provider

Ground transportation providers are required to complete an application, undergo a safety inspection, and obtain a transponder to operate at  Sacramento International Airport. The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors' Sacramento County Airport System Ordinance and related Rules and Regulations are listed below. 


CommericIal Film and Photography Permit

All four airports in the Sacramento County Airport System are available for commercial filming and photography. For more information about the film permit process and filming guidelines, please contact us. Film permits must be submitted at least 10 working days in advance of the planned filming or photography date.


Special ACTIVITY Permit

Special activity permits are required for large group transportation access to Sacramento International Airport. Permits are also required for other types of special activity not related to private vehicle drop-offs and pick-ups. A permit is also required to demonstrate on any airport property. For more information on special activity permits, please contact us.